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The Indigo Conspiracy - it's only after you've lost everything [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Zöpa Namgyal

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The Indigo Conspiracy [Jan. 10th, 2007|11:55 pm]
Zöpa Namgyal
This is the color indigo.

Does it look like indigo to you?

Cos I really have no idea what the fuck indigo actually looks like.

(From Wikipedia)  Distinction between four shades of indigo:

The color electric indigo is an approximation of spectrum indigo is the color indigo as it looks reproduced on a computer screen--it is the color between the web color blue and the color violet.

The web color blue violet or deep indigo is a shade of indigo brighter than pigment indigo but not as bright as electric indigo.

The color pigment indigo is equivalent to the web color indigo and is the color indigo that is usually reproduced in pigments and colored pencils. (Electric indigo can be reproduced approximately in pigments, but it requires adding some white pigment to pigment indigo.)

The color of indigo dye is a different color than either spectrum indigo or pigment indigo. This is the actual color of the dye from the indigo plant when swatched onto raw fabric. A vat full of this dye is a darker color, approximating the web color Midnight Blue.

Okay, so here is my Indigo Conspiracy:

The color indigo is scientifically defined as electromagnetic radiation vibrating at wavelengths between 420 and 440 nanometers. It'd be way cooler if pure indigo was right at 420nm, which is the border between indigo and violet, but whatever, 420 is still technically indigo.

Who here knows what indoles are? "The name indole is derived from a combination of the words indigo and oleum, since indole was first isolated by treatment of the indigo dye with oleum." The chemists here are freaking out right now. The rest of you will be in a second. Indole is the base of a lot of drug chemistry. It is the direct precursor needed for synthesizing N,N-DMT, as well as DET, DPT, DiPT and pretty much every other ring-unsubstituted tryptamine that can get you high. Psilocin, 5-MeO-DMT, 4-HO-DiPT, and literally hundreds of others of some of the best drugs in the world are directly derived from indoles. Serotonin itself, as well as LSD and ibogaine are substituted indoles. One of my first questions getting into chemistry was "how do we make DMT?" Well, from indole. And now, years later, I'm attempting to completely liberate myself from society and drug companies, and so my new question is "well where the fuck do we get indole from?" And the answer is, indigo, apparently. Mankind stumbled upon the key to synthesizing his own tryptamines while looking for ways to enhance and create pretty colors. :-)

I mean just try and tell me that is not a beautiful molecule..
(Oh btw if there are any hardcore chemists reading this, can you tell me how much of this system is conjugated/aromatic? Because I'm really interested, and really lazy, and I never was very good at counting my 4n+2 electrons.. )

And finally, we all know about the Indigo Children (if you don't, um, are you sure you're reading the right journal?) Indigo Children are generally wildly creative and brilliant, but often unable to find their niche in society. They act out in class and simply can't function in a public school system *cough* yet their IQ scores are .. intimidating. (and if you caught that reference I would have sex with you right now, but I would be thinking of Jake Gyllenhaal the whole time. mmmm.. *drools*) Because of this, Indigo Children are often diagnosed with ADHD or BiPolar Disorder and forced to take drugs by the Illuminati in an attempt to control them with chemical lobotomies. Ha! So I was also reading that a spectra of pure indigo light can be obtained by beaming a fluorescent lamp at the back of a CD, because the CD works as a diffraction grating and the Mercury present in a lot of these lamps emits a strong peak at 435.833 nm. Mercury. Remember when there was that big scare a while back that the Mercury-containing compounds in vaccinations was causing alarming rates of autism in children? Well, I can't think of anyone more brilliant and less able to function in the "real world" than people with autism. I think the Mercury knows something...


[User Picture]From: kaikkiton
2007-01-11 08:38 am (UTC)

This is just keeps getting more and more fucked up..

Okay, so then I asked myself, "if we get indoles from indigo dye, well, where does the indigo come from?"

See this guy here?

That is a chemical called Indican, naturally occurring in Indigofera plants, converted into Indigo during the plant's development through a series of chemical steps. Look at that molecule closely. Anything strike you as interesting about it?

Slice the bond between the double-bonded Carbon and adjacent Oxygen atoms and we're left with...

Indole and Glucose.
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[User Picture]From: kaikkiton
2007-01-11 08:56 am (UTC)

..and weirder and weirder..

Indican is found almost everywhere Indole and Glucose are together in the right conditions. Indican is easily oxidized (for instance, in the presence of air) into bright blue-violet indigo dye.

So after reading this, can anyone tell me why they think certain mushrooms turn blue when bruised?

And do you think that's really blue you're seeing???
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2011-02-12 03:11 am (UTC)

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