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die Profundnis - it's only after you've lost everything [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Zöpa Namgyal

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die Profundnis [Jan. 11th, 2007|10:24 am]
Zöpa Namgyal
[Current Music |I'm Afraid of Everything]

RobbieLee: if its possible to be a complete hoax, and dead on at the same time....she did it
RobbieLee: support and argument for her ideas constantly wavers back and forth between skeptics and believers
kaikkiton: terence mckenna: "i am either dead right or dead wrong about everything i have ever said"
RobbieLee: and thats the trick man!
RobbieLee: we live in a relative world, but over there its absolute!
kaikkiton: well, if you smoke enough dmt you'll realize they're the same thing
RobbieLee: i know that already
kaikkiton: yeah
RobbieLee: take the bad away and all you got is the bad part of the good

[User Picture]From: kaikkiton
2007-01-11 05:14 pm (UTC)

die Hilarity

RobbieLee: dude i wanna go to fairbanks so bad
RobbieLee: right now in fairbanks its -2
RobbieLee: 92% humidity
RobbieLee: wait i mean -60 or 70 below not 140
RobbieLee: i was thinking about the surface of neptune sorry
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[User Picture]From: kaikkiton
2007-01-11 05:42 pm (UTC)
kaikkiton: although, peacecorps is one of my realistic plans for the future, and that's like a paid vacation to any shitty third world country you want!
RobbieLee: don't get leprosy
RobbieLee: that would suck if next time i saw you, you were a leppar
RobbieLee: but youd be a cool one
RobbieLee: maybe itd be a good thing
RobbieLee: just kidding i dont want you to have it
kaikkiton: the only reason i get diseases is to cure them and teach the collective unconscious how to heal naturally
RobbieLee: are you rubbing crystals on your nipples right now?
kaikkiton: crystals of dmt leaking out of my pineal gland!
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[User Picture]From: kaikkiton
2007-01-11 07:19 pm (UTC)
RobbieLee: fuck dude im gone
RobbieLee: this boxed wine shit must be made by New Agers
RobbieLee: its just too revolutionary and good
RobbieLee: its the work of god
RobbieLee: i bet the egyptians had something similar to franzia because that hows they built the pyramids
RobbieLee: we couldnt build pyramids until we had boxed wine you see
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[User Picture]From: kaikkiton
2007-01-11 08:28 pm (UTC)
RobbieLee: hahah a fuckin cat is wlakin accross the field
RobbieLee: i just watched it
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